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  1. Chaska - Star Connection

    This brilliant essence connects us to the galactic matrix and accelerates and assists us in communicating through the heart to our cosmic and galactic brothers and sisters. It is through the heart due to the energy of the goddess that was anchored in the valley where this essence was made. This celestial essence is the energy of the spectacular comet Hale Bopp on the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse. We also called in the energy of the elements, the four directions and the sun and the moon. Leave the arena of manifest matter and soar in the cosmic ethers. Access dimensional doorways- through the heart -especially etheric temples of regenesis. This is a magnificent essence to use when walking labyrinths- and when connecting heaven and earth through the heart- as well as for intergalactic communication. Each bottle contains a quartz crystal to keep the essence stable and connect it to the generator crystals it was made with.
  2. Gold and Silver/White Chakra - SOBRALIA SETIGERA

    This exquisite orchid essence encompasses 2 chakras. The Gold Chakra is like a halo about an arms length above the head. The wisdom of the Gold is love and acceptance. It is the Christed energy. Taking the Sobralia Setigera orchid flower essence while desiring and intending to bring this high vibrational light into your body will help activate this chakra and will also help you stay balanced while this is happening. From the Gold halo, this chakra cascades out to the Silver White Chakra, encompassing the luminescent light body. This chakra essence contains the new energies needed for us to access the space where truth and peace flow out of our ecstatic hearts. When you go into this space you will feel enraptured bliss, peace, serenity and harmony, ride the currents of the universe through your consciousness and feel wisdom, love and acceptance of all that is. Here you have recognition of self. This essence assists your subtle bodies in sustaining balance, tranquility, peacefulness. Become steeped in divine contentment.
  3. Happy Kid

    This nurturing essence, made especially for children and babies, is an all-arround balancer and graet for all sorts of emergencies and upsets.
  4. Higher Chakra Trilogy

    There are exciting things to be discovered as you use these three Andean Orchid flower essences from Machu Picchu, Peru. Use them alone and in combination; by yourself, and especially in groups.

  5. Otter Delight: An Essence from the Giant River Otters of the Amazon

    The Otter essence addresses self-love - the holy relationship we have with ourselves which allows us to have abounding love of others. Beautifully strong family bonds, while remaining detached! Freeness of love. Complete trust. Joyously receptive. Otter is a representative of the Aquarian Age. There is play and there is expression of joy from everyone's accomplishments. Unity of Spirit.
  6. Pineal Light Infusion Flower Essence

    Pineal Initiation; Clean and Activate the Cosmic Pine Cone. 

    Botanical Name: Ellianthus capitatus

    This pinecone shaped flower, this beautiful Orchid inflorescence, that blooms in a spiral, helps to wash and purify the pineal gland, so it can do it's job- which is to initiate our supernatural powers, our vision, our psychic talents. The pineal gland is a super conducting resonator- that facilitates our connection with the higher planes, our spiritual connection, and gives us greater intuition. It can help to expand consciousness, and give us expanded insights- and a better understanding of our multidimensionality. It can bring extraordinary vision. The pineal is called the third eye. It represents our inner vision. It is our connection to the realms of thought. It is a photosensitive organ- It is activated by light.

  7. Pituitary Master

    Stream Orchid
    Epipactis gigantea 
    Accelerates Connection to Divine Source

    The Pituitary is our main control center. It secretes oxytocin- the hormone of love. This new essence awakens and strengthens this gland, which can accelerate our connection to the Divine source, and connect this energy to the physical. 
  8. Prosperity Alchemy-Open and Willing to Receive

    Use this essence consistently with intent, energy and action. Your desire, emotion and imagination directly affect your prosperity consciousness. This essence helps propel you into that frequency. Affirm your generosity and gratitude. Gratitude ignites hidden sources of energy and light, lifting you to new levels of joy and peace. A grateful heart is the most powerful force in the universe. Prosperity is natural and lavish abundance is our nature. There is infinite abounding wealth. Financial well being comes with ease. Abundance is constantly flowing from source. You are wildly optimistic and let good fortune leap all over you. This essence is a treasure! Expect abundance and wealth from unexpected sources.

  9. Selenite

    Translucent White 
    Above Crown Chakra 
    Clarity of the Mind; Spinal column

    Expand awareness of your surroundings. Access possible future lives. Provides energy to promote justice during disputes. Gives strength to decisions.

    Selenite is brilliant white and partially translucent, and one of the highest vibrations in the mineral kingdom. It intensifies and focuses energy. It allows messages from non physical planes to enter the third dimension.

    As Selenite brings in its very high frequency, it brings a connection to Nature as well. It is a catalyst to accelerate the transmissions of light, while it is also calming and can influence our subtle energy bodies, connecting us with our light bodies. It aids telepathy. Use it with positive intentions. It improves the recall of dreams, and can give us expanded insights and better understanding of our multidimensionality.

  10. Soul Purpose

    Ingredients: Ancient Wisdom (Lycaste Longepetala), Inner Guru (Purple Sage), Open Mind/Future Vision (Mugwort), Blue Sapphire, Transparent Indigo Sodalite and White Marble

    This essence assists in choice making and helps one discover the goal that is contained in each step. It also helps you direct and remember your dreams. Take this essence when asking questions regarding direction, divine will. Helps one to tune into life's current and allow spiritual source to flow through; to vibrate in unison with the universe, make clear choices. Ask yourself what gifts you have for the world and listen for the answers. Your dreams and curiosity will help uncover your path. Pay attention to your feelings, they are signs. Be an artist of the sacred, create your life as a work of art. Physical healing often manifests when you discover your soul path, so it is important to embrace what makes your heart and soul sing. Live in Love with Life; Discover Your Passion!
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Items 1 to 10 of 17 total

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