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Vortex of Harmony - Radiation Solution


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Pineal Light Infusion Flower Essence

Vortex of Harmony - Radiation Solution

Quick Overview

Radiation Solution: Elixir of Light; Keeps Requency Strong and in the Highest Octaves; 

Balancing and Protective This elixir of light will help to build a coherent geometric grid and matrix of light within us and around us that will keep our frequency strong, and in the highest octaves. This solution is about more than just radiation protection, which it does address. We must elevate our thoughts out of fear. This constellation of essences is about protection from many things that are occurring, and about staying in balance when they are happening. See descriptions of individual essences.
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Ingredients: Balance and Stability (Habenaria), Faith and Courage (Odontoglossum), Recalibrate and Flourish (Linseed/Flax), Regal Amaranth ~ RA (Kiwicha), Amazonite, Blue Sapphire, Malachite, and Rose Salt with the frequency of Iodine.