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3rd Eye/Pineal Chakra Essence: Indigo - Serapis Bey

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Product Dimensions: 1 oz dosage

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Indigo addresses the inner vision, paranormal vision. As light comes through the 3rd eye dream your dream and have it come true. There is keenness of perception, enriched experiences of synchronicity. Ascended Master Serapis Bey infuses his energy into this essence. Indigo enhances intent, focus, telepathy, deep thought and clearing of the mind. There is clarity of purpose


The Chakra Gemstone Collection
There is an abundance of magic and marvelousness surrounding these gemstone essences (affectionately nicknamed "gemmies"). They are made co-creatively with the mineral kingdom, the guardians of the stones (comparable to the devas of the flower essences and Nature). These gemstone essences are made with the finest quality therapeutic spherical and rounded gemstones available on the planet. The sphere represents wholeness and love and infinite potential. Circles unify energy. The rounded crystals teach us of worlds within worlds, and catalyze our consciousness to grow and expand (some more!) These special essences made from the beautiful brilliant spheres carry the color radiance which provides color therapy as well as the specific vibration of each stone. They nourish, purify, strengthen, balance and stabilize our subtle and physical bodies. They will open, activate and balance the chakras. Chakra means "wheel" in Sanskrit. Chakras are vortices, revolving or rotating wheels of energy located in our body, through which we draw energy from our environment. Many Angels, Archangels and Ascended Masters infused their energy into these essences that were also infused with the energy of the Wesak full moon. There is much to learn about the infinite gifts from the mineral kingdom. Please refer to the many books on the subject for more extensive information and the physical qualities and uses of each stone. Bring these essences into your life with gratitude and you will see even greater benefits. As with all of the essences, these gemmies are true treasures lovingly bottled into a base of sacred activated healing water.

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