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Sachamama: Renequilla Herbal Supplement - Tonifying


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Sachamama: Renequilla Herbal Supplement - Tonifying

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Sachamama is a mythical giant anaconda that possesses great powers. It is one of the most revered spirits of the Amazon jungle. The Master Plant of this formula is revered by shamans for its ability to aid the human muscular system, as it has a profound ability to target issues in this area.
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INGREDIENTS: Extract of Renaquilla (Clusia Rosea) in alcohol and clear quartz charged spring water.

Qori Inti herbal extracts are processed from fresh or dried plants, which are extracted in sugarcane alcohol or certified organic grape alcohol through a time-intensive maceration process. The advantage of these extracts is their ability to preserve active constituents, giving them a long shelf life and an immediate effect on the body.