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Raw Chlorella Tablets - 1000 count - 250 mg

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Product Dimensions: 1000 count 250mg tablets

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Quick Overview:

Chlorella pyrenoidosa is nature’s perfect superfood a single-celled green algae. ANYNI FOODS Chlorella provides vital nutrients that your body needs such as potassium, all of the B vitamins, magnesium, zinc and iron, 18 vital amino acids, beta carotene and lutein. AYNI FOODS Chorella has split cell wall for maximum digestibility. Our tablets are cold pressed and cold processed is small batches in order to control pressure and temperature keeping the core temperature below 110 degrees.

Detailed Information:
  • Raw Food


Shamans Market  Spirulina is grown in certified organic facilities and pure water sources, Chlorella are never subjected to chemicals, solvents, or heat. Chlorella and Spirulina are types of algae, single-celled microscopic organisms that are grown in pure fresh water, strong natural sunlight, and clean air. As they multiply at an incredible rate – sometimes completing the reproduction cycle in less than 24 hours – they are truly sustainable super-foods.

Benefits of Chorella:

  • Aids in removing Heavy metal in your body. 
  • Powerful detoxifier 
  • Improves Your Digestive System 
  • Shown to be Helpful in Fighting Cancer 
  • Contains Natural Digestive and other Enzymes 
  • Helps Balance Your Body's pH 
  • Normalizes Blood Sugar and Blood Pressure


No additives or fillers

Product of Taiwan

Raw, Kosher, Naturally Gluten Free 

Additional Information

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