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Mate Gourds

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  1. Tea Drinking Fire Gourd

    Tea Drinking Fire Gourd

    These natural maté vessels are decorated with fire designs to achieve a speckled sheen reminiscent of the sacred jaguar's coat. Cure your maté gourd before use. This process removes the bitter gourd taste from the vessel. Curing instructions included. Made in Argentina.

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  2. Mate Tea Drinking Gourd

    Mate Tea Drinking Gourd

    A bit different from mate drinking gourds trimmed with metals, these gourds are decorated with tasteful artwork carvings on their exterior. In various sizes, patterns vary slightly. Let us choose one for you.

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  3. Bombilla -Stainless Steel w/Spring

    Bombilla -Stainless Steel w/Spring

     This stainless steel bombilla has an innovative spring-loaded double filter at the tip for easy cleaning and clog-free use. It comes in a package with instructions for care and use.

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  4. Bombilla - Bamboo

    Bombilla - Bamboo

     This naturally harvested and handcrafted bamboo bombilla gives a more earthy feel to your yerba mate drinking experience. Why Bamboo?Bamboo makes for a sturdy yet lightweight bombilla. With proper care, your bamboo bombilla tea straw will provide months to years of enjoyment. Made in Argentina.

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