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  1. Derek_Beres:_Earthrise_Warrior_Flow

    Derek Beres: Earthrise Warrior Flow

    EarthRise Warrior Flow DVD by yoga instructor, music producer and writer Derek Beres offers 12 flow yoga mini sessions. Learn More

  2. Desiree_Rumbaugh:_Yoga_To_The_Rescue_For_Back_Pain

    Desiree Rumbaugh: Yoga To The Rescue For Back Pain

    For that little "ouch!" in your lower back, this program is an excellent choice. Learn More

  3. Desiree_Rumbaugh:_Yoga_To_The_Rescue_For_Neck_&_Shoulders

    Desiree Rumbaugh: Yoga To The Rescue For Neck & Shoulders

    Ease pain and stiffness with simple changes to your alignment. "Perfect for à practicing with more safety and precision--or anyone seeking relief from everyday pain" ---Fit Yoga on Yoga to the Rescue.

    Learn More

  4. Duncan_Wong:_Awakening_Level

    Duncan Wong: Awakening Level

    Awakening Level DVD by Duncan Wong offers a synthesis of Vinyasa flow yoga, Buddhist Gung-Fu, and Thai massage. Learn More

  5. Seane_Corn:_Yoga_From_The_Heart

    Seane Corn: Yoga From The Heart

    Heal yourself-and the world-through yoga. Filmed live at the Annual Yoga Journal San Francisco Conference, this unrehearsed 90-minute class captures the charisma and soul of one of yoga's great instructors. Learn More

  6. Shiva_Rea:_Radiant_Heart_Yoga

    Shiva Rea: Radiant Heart Yoga

    In yoga, the heart center has its own wisdom, intelligence, and energy. Learn More

  7. Shiva_Rea:_Surf_Yoga_Soul

    Shiva Rea: Surf Yoga Soul

    Shiva Rea's Surf Yoga Soul - The Ultimate Flow Yoga Practice DVD is a vinyasa yoga DVD where you develop total body strength, and increase energy and balance. Learn More

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