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Higher Chakra Trilogy

Higher Chakra Trilogy


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Higher Chakra Trilogy

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There are exciting things to be discovered as you use these three Andean Orchid flower essences from Machu Picchu, Peru. Use them alone and in combination; by yourself, and especially in groups.

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Gold and Silver/White Chakra - SOBRALIA SETIGERA


This exquisite orchid essence encompasses 2 chakras- the Gold chakra is like a halo about an arms length above thehead. The wisdom of the Gold is love and acceptance. It is the Christedenergy. Taking the Sobralia Setigera orchid flower essence and desiringand intending to bring this high vibrational light into your body willassist the activation of this chakra and this essence will also help youstay balanced while this is happening. From the Gold halo this chakra cascadesout to the Silver White chakra encompassing the luminescent light body.This chakra essence contains the new energies for us to access the spacewhere truth and peace flow out of our ecstatic hearts: we feel enrapturedbliss, peace, serenity and harmony. When you go into this space you willride the currents of the universe through your consciousness and feel wisdomand love and acceptance of all that is. Here you have recognition of self.This essence assists your subtle bodies in sustaining balance, tranquility,peacefulness. Become steeped in divine contentment. It is useful to preparefor this activation. Some things that will assist us to assimilate theincreased light more gracefully are eating live foods rich in chlorophyll,some form of blue-green algae, breath work, art, music, spinning, laughing,dancing and (lots of) flower essences.


Assists in opening and balancing the zeal pointchakra- located at the base of the skull. This area is referred to as theMouth of God. This essence assists kundalini energy moving through. Itopens one to the next level of initiation- in divine harmony. It also helpswhen energy collects in the neck. It is useful in conjunction with manyother essences, and especially blends for children. Zeal Point Chakra helpsus to speak our truth. The gift of the Zeal Point Chakra? A fully consciousmind to express the spiritual powers through the voice. It is beneficialto have body work done while opening this chakra.

Awakened Thymus -ERYTHRODES

This special essence helps to filter and convert5th dimensional energy to make it more easily acceptable to the human body.It is useful for telepathy - and connecting the 3rd and 6th chakra. Thethymus, being between the heart and the throat empowers loving communication. The thymus is also called the "high heart." Useful when healing with voice and sound. On the physical the thymus relates to the immune system.

The Higher Chakra Trilogy comes in a beautiful triangular box, with cut out heart and star (windows onto lovely marbled paper) -- and holds three 1 ounce bottles