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  1. Shipibo Rainforest Bead Bracelet - Tres Flores

    Wear a piece of the Peruvian Amazon jungle rainforest on your wrist with this colorful woven bead bracelet. Skillfully hand-woven by the Shipibo Conibo of the Peruvian Amazon, this intricate Tres Flores or Three Flowers pattern is similar to those ayahuasca inspired designs seen on their embroidered icaro song cloths, pottery and other art works. Measures 7.5 inches long by 0.25 inches wide. Loop and bead closure. Your choice of bead color outline. Artistically created in the land of the Inkas, Peru.

  2. Singing Bird Mini Whistling Vessel on Cord

    Hand made in Peru, these clay sculpted bird-shaped miniature whistling vessels can chirp like a bird!  Simply fill the piece with water in the hole at the top of the head and then blow through the hole in the tip of the tail.  Crafted in several different colors, chose yours below or let us pick one for you.  Bird also can be worn around the neck on the included black braided cord.  Peru

  3. Singing Fish Clay Whistle on Cord

    Fashionable and fun, our fish whistles sound a single note. Sold separately in green or tan. Specify color. Hand made in Peru

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3 Item(s)