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    Huaco_Silbador_-_Peruvian__Dual_Chamber_Vessel_-_Fish_-_2nd Huaco_Silbador_-_Peruvian__Dual_Chamber_Vessel_-_Fish_-_2nd

    Huaco Silbador - Peruvian Dual Chamber Vessel - Fish - (non playable)

    Shamans Market is pleased to be able to offer this lovingly and skillfully hand-made huaco silbador created by Ana La Rosa, sister of well-known Peruvian musician Tito La Rosa, the "Shaman of Sound."  Hand made from the earthy clay in Peru, this dual-chambered Peruvian whistling vessel of red clay is fired creating a delicate and delightful ceramic vessel. This piece is an original modern design with beautiful colored designs. This dual chambered Peruvian whistling vessel is an original modern design. Beautifully made, the fish ornament has two inset stones and beautful earth tone swirls on the bowls.

    This vessel is discounted because it does not whistle but in all other ways is a beautiful piece of art.

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