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  1. Moche Warrior Ceramic Sculpture

    A brave, fearless Moche warrior prepares for combat holding a square shield in one hand, and a porra or spear in the other. His headgear symbolizes his high caste and respectable status. Handmade with great artistry of red clay and fired to create a delicate ceramic vessel in the shape of a horn. Replica of an original ancient design. Measures 6.5 x 5 x 2 inches. Handmade in Peru.

  2. Sacred Pottery Vessel

    A unique pottery vessel with short neck opening and round body.  Imprint of an ibis-like bird on one side and dragon-like reptile on the reverse.  This piece comes to us from the home of a private collector.  Belived to be pre colonial from Peru.  

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2 Item(s)