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Featuring unique hand made, fair trade and ethically traded jewelry from artisans in Nepal, Peru, Tibet, Inda and the USA. Designs crafted from Sterling Silver, alpaca silver, semi-precious stones as well as simple seeds and beads from our friends in the Amazon. Find your unique look in a bracelet, pendant, necklace, earring or ring. You can even target your search by region or theme.


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  1. Little Jade Earrings

    A smaller loop earring of 0.925 sterling silver earwires with a tiny dangle of light green jade. The diminutive circular ring of jade in this earring is said to bring prosperity and healing and symbolizes beauty, grace and purity. Valued for thousands of years, this semi-precious gemstone is thought to be more desirous than metal; hence the popular homily : Gold has a value; Jade is invaluable. Earrings hang 1 inch L and are approx 0.5 wide. Slight variation from picture may occur due to handmade nature. Handmade in Nepal by Fair Trade Artisans.

  2. Lucky Ganesha Earrings

    Lucky is the wearer of these blue onyx composite earrings with an image of the elephant-headed Hindu deity Ganesha, Remover of Obstacles, artfully worked into the focal point and embellished with round transparent carnelian beads. Set in cool white metal. Earrings hang 2 inches long and are approx 0.75 inches wide. Handmade in Nepal by skilled Himalayan Fair Trade Artisans.

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2 Item(s)