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  1. Nepali Necklace with Stone Pendant

    The beauty of Tibetan tradition is mirrored in this oval shaped Tibetan mosaic necklace made of white metal with inlays of turquoise and coral colored stones. Select your choice of two color styles:  turquoise or red round  top disc.  21 inch white metal chain. Pendant measures 2 inches high by 1 inch wide.  Handmade in Nepal.

  2. Rolled Leather 4mm Round Necklace 18 in

    Your basic and vertisile all purpose leather necklace.  Crafted from dark brown round braided leather and fitted with sterling silver lobster-claw clasp. 18 inches long. 4 mm thickness (that's about 1/8 inch). Referred to as Princess length in the jewelry trade.  Use with one of our pendants or your own.  Stylish enough to wear as is.  Fits bead or pendant bail with 5.5 mm (a little over 1/4 inch) or larger hole size.   Made in USA.

  3. Shri Yantra Pendant Necklace - Copper

    Our copper pendant is embossed on one side with the physical representation of the Goddess Sri Lalita-Tripurasundari as she is enthroned with her left foot upon the Shri Chakra, holding her traditional symbols, the sugarcane bow, flower arrows, noose, and goad.  On the reverse is her symbolic representation, the Shri Yantra symbol.  This 1 inch diameter pendant is strung on an adjustable red silk cord. The pendant is meant to be worn at stomach level above the navel and below the heart chakra.  Ideally it should fall about 1 - 2 inches above the navel when sitting.  Comes with its own purple drawstring pouch embellished with the Om symbol. Made in India.  


  4. Sterling Silver Rolo Link Chain 18 in.

    Lovely rolo link sterling silver chain for use with any of our pendants.  Constructed of symmetrical links joined together.  China.

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4 Item(s)