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  1. Rolled Leather 4mm Round Necklace 18 in

    Your basic and vertisile all purpose leather necklace.  Crafted from dark brown round braided leather and fitted with sterling silver lobster-claw clasp. 18 inches long. 4 mm thickness (that's about 1/8 inch). Referred to as Princess length in the jewelry trade.  Use with one of our pendants or your own.  Stylish enough to wear as is.  Fits bead or pendant bail with 5.5 mm (a little over 1/4 inch) or larger hole size.   Made in USA.

  2. Tibetan Ghau Prayer Box Pendant

    Brass Tibetan Ghau prayer box pendant can hold small items such as a small rolled up scroll with a prayer or mantra on it. This two-tone pendant has a removable twist top. The Newari Buddhist mantra, om mani padme hum, is affixed to the front of this ghau. Measures 2 in H x 0.25 in dia. Made in Nepal.

  3. Tibetan Healing Chant Bracelet

    Traditional Tibetan therapeutic bracelets, made of interwoven metals including copper, brass and nickel, are believed to have healing properties that can also balance inner energies.rnrnTheir attractive appearance and easy adjustability make them the perfect therapeutic accessory.
  4. Tibetan Healing Three Stone Five Metal Bangle

    The five metals three stone bangle is a beautiful fashion bracelet. Five metals jewelry is believed to bring about plenty, success, good relationships, keeping your loved one, health, fertility and protection from evil eye and defensive qualities. The five metals are base metals that combined are believed to generate a strong earthly energy. The bangle is set with colorful imitation stones and is approximatley 0.25 inches wide. Settings for stones are embellished with ropelike and serpentine designs. Bangle design resembles twisted metal strips. Each piece is unique and stone colors vary. Let us pick one for you  Bracelet can be manually adjusted by gentle squeezing so that one size fits most. Wear three or more to make a real statement. Handcrafted in Nepal. 

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4 Item(s)