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  1. Peruvian Silver Coca Leaf Pendant - Turquoise

    Stunning, handcrafted, coca leaf-shaped silver pendant with turquoise inlays.  Slight variations in natural stone may occur. Top teardrop stone type and color may vary. Made in Cuzco, Peru of 950 silver.  

  2. Peruvian Tumi Silver Pendant

    Wearing an elaborate, ornate headdress and round earrings, our detailed pendant of the Lord of Sipan is striking. This pendant is modeled after a ceremonial knife called a tumi. Our fine figure of the Lord of Sipan is hand made of Peruvian silver inlaid with three colored stones. 2 inches long.  0.925 silver purity stamped. Handcrafted in Peru.

  3. Sandalwood Mala with Drawsting Bag

    The aromatic wood of the sandal tree has long been used for the blessing reliquaries and sacred objects. Sandalwood is considered universally auspicious for all spiritual practices. Counting mantras with this fragrant rosary will scent the fingers and may inspire a closer connection to the teacher or the deity. These sandalwood beads are purchased from a licensed dealer of sandalwood products and strung on high quality nylon coated wire by Tibetan artisans in Dharamsala. (108 beads.) Comes in a beautiful cloth bag.

  4. Tibetan Om Lotus White Metal Bracelet

    This bracelet carries iconic symbols of Buddhism: The Lotus Flower and the OM set off in a beautiful handcrafted Tibetan white metal bracelet with turquoise, coral and saphire color tones.  Handcrafted by a local aritsan from the Kathamndu valley, Satyman Lhangal. Bracelet measures 0.75 inches wide and approximately 7.5 inch around.  Slight pressure can be applied to adjust to your wrist size. Made in Nepal.

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4 Item(s)