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  1. Pi Stone Plain Bail

    Our smooth Pi Stone / donut bails make it easy for you to create high shine and premium polished jewelry. Attach the bail to your Pi Stone and then add your favorite chain or cord and voila! -- a beautiful necklace featuring your Pi Stone. These bails work Pi stones / donuts up to 50 mm in diameter.  Select your color in either Gold-plate or Silver Plate. Pi stone and cord not included.

  2. Singing Bird Mini Whistling Vessel on Cord

    Hand made in Peru, these clay sculpted bird-shaped miniature whistling vessels can chirp like a bird!  Simply fill the piece with water in the hole at the top of the head and then blow through the hole in the tip of the tail.  Crafted in several different colors, chose yours below or let us pick one for you.  Bird also can be worn around the neck on the included black braided cord.  Peru

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2 Item(s)