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Carnelian Lotus Earrings

SKU: j11-012

Product Dimensions: 1.25''h

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Quick Overview:

In Tibetan, pema is the word for lotus, a symbol of the full flowering of wisdom and perfection. This set features sterling silver with carnelian and pearl. Like a lotus which through grown in the mud remains free from the muddy dirt, the flower signifies the purity of one's mind and deeds which are free from the dirt of sins. It is a symbol of non-attachment and one of the Eight Auspicious Signs.

Handmade in Nepal by gifted artisans from Newari, Shakya and Bajracharya clans. Each piece is made with sterling silver using a range of traditional crafting techniques.

Detailed Information:
  • Fair Trade
  • Hand Made


The Lotus, or padma, is an important symbol in Tibetan Buddhism and is commonly associated with the process of becoming a buddha. In Tibetan Buddhist iconography, buddhas are often seated on lotus thrones, indicating their transcendent state. A lotus is born in the muck and mud at the bottom of a swamp, but when it emerges on the surface of the water and opens its petals, a beautiful flower appears, unstained by the mud from which it arose. Similarly, the compassion and wisdom of buddhas arise from the muck of the ordinary world, which is characterized by fighting, hatred, distrust, anxiety, and other negative emotions. These emotions tend to cause people to become self-centered and lead to suffering and harmful actions. But just as the world is the locus of destructive emotions, it is also the place in which we can become buddhas, perfected beings who have awakened from the sleep of ignorance and who perceive reality as it is, with absolute clarity and with profound compassion for suffering living beings.


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