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Jade pendant necklace, 'Maya Net'

Jade pendant necklace, 'Maya Net'


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Jade pendant necklace, 'Maya Net' « »


Jade pendant necklace, 'Maya Serpent'


Jade pendant necklace, 'Maya Generation'

Jade pendant necklace, 'Maya Net'

Quick Overview

Zandra Lorena Sajbin finds inspiration in the ancient glyphs of the Maya calendar for the design of this necklace. She carves the jade pendant by hand, featuring K'at, represented by a form of net used in fishing as well as for harvest. The net is a metaphor that treasures in memory all that is learned and experienced. The pendant hangs from a faux suede cord which fastens with a sterling silver clasp. .925 Sterling silver
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  • 0.2" H + 1.2" Dia

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  • Sterling silver, jade, polyurethane cord
  • S-hook or hook clasp
  • High polish finish
  • Cord necklace
  • According to Maya cosmogony, we are born with an animal spirit... a 'nahual' who will protect and guide us through life.

    The Maya believe no one is alone in the world - each person lives in close communion with nature, so it's our destiny to seek harmony with our natural environment. There are 20 nahuales, each represented by a unique glyph or 'sun sign' on the Tzolkin calendar. Now you can keep your personal nahual forever close, with these handcrafted sun sign pendants from Guatemala.

    Find Your Mayan Sun Sign

    The Maya tzolk'in calendar combines a cycle of twenty named days with another cycle of thirteen numbers, to produce 260 unique days. Find your sign