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Donna Callaghan & Patricia Fares O'Malley: Journey of the Soul Shamanic Drumming


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Quick Overview:

This unique and innovative CD was created in a Sacred Space to help deepen your journey experience.

We hope you find peace, healing and many blessings on each journey.

The 4 recorded tracks are designed for all levels of experience.





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Track 1: 29 minute double drumming with call back.
Track 2: 15 minute double drumming with call back
Track 3: 12 minute guided journey for beginners to the lower world with call back.
Track 4: 20 minute double drumming with call back,including Native American flute, rattles and chanting creating a profoundly deep journey experience. Native American flute and whistles played by Kevin Wright.

The 4th track has attracted much attention from the Shamanic Community including Sandra Ingerman, who recommended this CD in her February edition of Transmutation News:

"Every year I receive drumming CDs that people have produced. I love all of them and I am glad that people are recording them. A few months ago I received a drumming CD that was made by Donna Callaghan and Patricia Fares O'Malley called "Journey of the Soul". Track 4 on the CD I find myself using every day for my journeys. I really feel that it is inspired. It combines drumming, rattling, and chanting and really creates quite an altered state."
Sandra Ingerman, author of Soul Retrieval, Medicine for the Earth & How to Heal Toxic Thoughts.

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