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Kuan Yin Temple Oracle - Marina Lighthouse


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Kuan Yin Temple Oracle - Marina Lighthouse

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In traditional Buddhist and Taoist temples, there exists the elegant flowing figure of the great Goddess of Compassion, Kuan Yin. Bearing colorful, fragrant offerings of fruits and flowers, food and gifts the devoted come forth through a haze of incense, placing their offerings reverently before her. Under the Goddess' benevolent gaze, worshipers seek her guidance as they draw from a container of 100 bamboo sticks. Each of these sticks represents an ancient verse celebrating the Goddess' compassion, wisdom, and love. Collectively, they comprise The 100 Poem Oracle of Kuan Yin. This book includes the Kuan Yin Oracle Board.

This first edition print includes beautiful poetry,color photography, powerful meditations and empowering mantras.

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About the Author
Marina Lighthouse travels the globe administering the benefits of the ancient art of harmony-in-placement. Corporate leaders, small businesses, and individuals wanting their lives and livelihoods reconfigured for maximum success and prosperity have utilized her skills. She offers consultations for residential and commercial properties, blessing ceremonies and private readings. Access her website to find a schedule of classes, retreats, and workshops.