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Christina Oss Labang

As the Children of the Sun hear their Mother’s song of the morning and feel her love awakening the dawn within them, they remember the sound of her voice. They are the people of Peru and Bolivia, and after 500 years of silence, they can hear Pachamama (Mother Earth) talking and singing again. She is being heard worldwide now, and we are beginning to learn her wisdom and joy, and to remember that we are all her children. We have woken to the music of the Ancients in the Light of a new day and we find that we are all ONE with the same Mother.My name is Christina Oss LaBang, and I am the author of ANDEANsolrocks. I met Paola (a young Peruvian woman) in a small store in Puno, Peru in 2005. We became friends. I shared the dream of stones with Paola and together we shared the journey in making that dream come true: talking, riding buses, walking miles, finding shelter, finding food, hiking without breath, cold beyond jackets, honoring the Gods, crying for the pain of life, laughing at the joy of life, meeting people, staying with families, flying our kites everywhere there was wind, and playing the stones and the symbols of Peru and Bolivia. We played the game of stones everywhere we went and with anyone who wanted to 'try it'. Together, we gathered into ourselves, words, music, symbols, little rocks, knowledge, understanding, and Love. The result of all of this, became a book (ANDEANsolrocks) with 22 stones from Lake Titicaca, published and printed in Peru in 2008. It became an incredible Pathway of Light for anyone who 'wanted to play' and once the stones were finished (symbols drawn on each one), we worked on getting them to the United States. Rocks can move if they want to, and ANDEANsolrocks arrived from Peru in November 2010, cleared of customs in Oakland, California.ANDEANsolrocks creates a place in your world, where stones from Lake Titicaca, Peru, can be held in your hand and talk to you of their wisdom and intentions. They get dropped, picked, thrown into play by your energy and the energy of the stones. The stones that drop from your hands are the messengers of some very personal words. As you get to know them, they get to know you, and together you find your own pathway into Light. ANDEANsolrocks really is one of those magical portals that got transported through time and space to your hands. It is as real and as clean as the heart of our Mother Earth."The Mother takes heavy energies and transforms them into abundance. It is a promise." ( Peruvian saying)How do you get rid of darkness? Turn on the Light that You are.If you are holding onto one of ANDEANsolrocks book packages, your switch just got flipped 'on' to Light the way for yourself and others. I hope you get the chance to step into the world of ANDEANsolrocks and experience for yourself, the voices of the stones that call Lake Titicaca home. If you ever get this package it is because you really want it or it really wants you.Pachamama Blessings,Christina

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  1. ANDEANsolrocks - Pathway of Light

    Stones, given as a gift from Pachamama (Mother Earth), are receptacles of information and power in the Andean tradition and have been used for centuries as tools for healing. These 22 stones come from Lake Titicca, Peru.  Each stone has a symbol drawn on them by the villagers of Chucuito, Peru. 

    ANDEANsolrocks is both a personal, playful game of stones and a mysterious oracle into Andean beliefs and culture. Set contains twenty two handpainted stones with their symbols, book, cards, small deck of 22 cards representing each symbol and small woven zipper storage bag.

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