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Lampa Woven Llama Wool Bag


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Lampa Woven Llama Wool Bag

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We love this great rustic and rugged llama wool bag. Comes complete with a sturdy shoulder strap. Woven from naturally dyed llama wool yarns.  Colors & designs vary slightly on these hand made bags, so yours may look slightly different than photo. Made in Peru.

SKU: TX123
  • Product Size:
  • 14" L x 14" W
  • strap drop 21 in

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Llama fiber is an all-natural, biodegradable fiber produced by llamas raised in their native environment, the Andes Mountains of South America. The fiber is hand-shorn annually by native growers, processed chemical free, and spun and woven into yarns and fabrics that are sewn into garments by local mills. This continues a centuries-old industry that allows the natives to enjoy a greater level of stability by selling into today's world economy.
Llama fiber is very strong and easy to clean. It is washable and air dries quickly. The fiber generates little static electricity and is naturally clean minimizing the frequency of washing. It is naturally stain resistant and naturally antimicrobial. The fabric is very durable and resilient and doesn't mat or pill.

Llama fiber has a fine diameter and low scale which give fabrics a naturally soft hand and luxurious feel and they move silently. The llamas produce fiber in an array of natural colors that are rich looking, all-natural, and won't fade. Basic neutral colors incorporated with traditional designs give products a long fashion life and they coordinate well.

Llama fiber is hollow and provides superior insulation over synthetics and wool. Insulating capacity, coupled with its natural moisture regulation, produces a much wider comfort range (+/-50 degrees) than other fabrics. The fabric sheds moisture, is warm when wet, and dries quickly. It is wind-resistant, quiet-wearing, and is flame retardant and self-extinguishing.  Source:  Altiplano