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Lapis Lazuli SoapRocklet


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Lapis Lazuli SoapRocklet

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Like the ancient, precious gem, Lapis Lazuli soap is the stunning color that artists have coveted through centuries to form their palettes most essential pigment - ultramarine. The ultimate blue of the sea.  Fragrance: Ocean Fresh

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  • 3" L x 2" H x 2" W
  • 4 Oz

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Metaphysical Properties: Lapis Lazuli is an opaque indigo stone with flecks of gold (Pyrite). Lapis awakens us to our inner strengths. It gives us knowledge of our true nature and how we can best fulfill our Soul Journey. Excellent for the third eye, Lapis can open our inner vision and show us the direction to go in life to best reach our potential.

Numerology: Lapis vibrates to the number 3, creativity and joy!

Chakra: Third Eye(6th)

Element: Air