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Lavender Flowers


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Lavender Flowers

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Exceptionally fragrant lavender flowers is a rich, purple color suitable for culinary and ceremonial use. It is an English Lavender grown in France. Sold as flower buds only, no stems, which are about the size of a grain of rice. Grade #1. France.

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Lavender, long associated with the heart chakra, and the air element, has been called by healers "The Mother Plant" and "Grandmother Plant" due to her multi-faceted uses and medicinal qualities. The uses of lavender are known from as far back as 2500 years ago and has been one of the most consistently used plants in history. Lavender has been called blue magic, and is said to be ruled by Mercury, the great communicator. Lavender works to soothe and calm people who have a keen interest in spiritual phenomena and tend to absorb a great deal of spiritual energy that they can't quickly process. She then teaches how to regulate and process the influx of psychic energy. Lavender is mentioned in the Bible by the name used at that time, spikenard from the Greek nardus after the Syrian city, Narda. In biblical times, it was believed that Mary anointed Jesus' feet with lavender.