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Lead Amulet Figures - Pagos de Plomo

Lead Amulet Figures - Pagos de Plomo


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Lead Amulet Figures - Pagos de Plomo « »

Lead Amulet Figures - Pagos de Plomo

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These pagos de plomo, literally in Spanish "payments of lead," are small amulets used in the Peruvian Andes in offerings to the earth mother, Pachamama.  By burning the lead and tin figures in the offering fire, and reading the pattern produced in the ashes, a practiced shaman may predict the future. They are often included in the contents of despacho offering kits.  You can include these in your homemade despacho offerings. Select from available styles shown below. Made in Peru. 

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Pagos de Plomo amulets come in many different configurations, such as 

  • Cross = Peace (shown in picture)
  • Horseshoe = Luck
  • Virgin de la Candelar = Miracles
  • Heart = Marriage/Happiness
  • Sun = Light, Confidence, Accomplishment

Each of the tiny figures represents something specific. This list defines the symbolic meanings for some:

  • Woman = Love
  • Cow = Wealth
  • Rooster = Caution
  • Fox = Cunning
  • Key = Ability
  • Spoon = Prosperity
  • Matrimony = Fertility
  • Dog = Fidelity
  • Llama = Wealth
  • Tree = Stability
  • Table = Abundance
  • Soldier/Horse = Travel