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Mantra Meditation - Thomas Ashley Farrand


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Mantra Meditation - Thomas Ashley Farrand

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ôThrough mantra practice, positive karma flows freely into our lives à desires are fulfilled à spiritual abilities manifest à and we have moved another step forward toward mokshaùcomplete spiritual freedom.öùThomas Ashley-Farrand Karma: the consequence of all of your actions, decisions, thoughts, and emotions. According to the author, karmic patterns from the past are always with you, affecting everything you doùfor better or for worse. With Mantra Meditation, you will learn how to use genuine Sanskrit mantras to balance your chakras (your body's seven spinning energy centers) to dissolve negative karma
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  • 1 Softcover Book (104 pp) and 1 CD (1 hour, 15 min)

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ôWhen you begin to chant these ancient formulas,ö teaches Ashley-Farrand, ôthe petals on your chakras begin to resonate, and they pull in spiritual energy.ö With Mantra Meditationùdesigned as a 40-day practice or a lifelong toolùyour spiritual energy grows, your karma disperses, and your path clears to bring you everything you desire through the fusing of your own efforts and the infinite generosity of the universe. Includes a CD of 15 guided mantra meditations and instructions for Sanskrit pronunciation.