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Marina Raye: Nature's Enchantment


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Marina Raye: Nature's Enchantment

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magical weaving of the enchanting sounds of nature with native flutes, Nature's Enchantment is the newest release by Marina Raye. In her twelfth album, Raye combines her deep love for nature with her original flute melodies, played on native flutes that have been handcrafted by her husband, flutemaker Charlie Oakwind.

Those who've enjoyed Raye's Liquid Silk will love Natures Enchantment!

Known as the Feminine Voice of the Native Flute, Raye takes the native flute into a new realm of beauty and tranquility. Natures Enchantment opens with Enchanted Forest, a melodic interplay of treble and bass flutes, accompanied by the sounds of forest birds and mountain streams. The enchanting result is a hypnotic invitation to enter a world of peace and tranquility.

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Other favorite tracks include Wonderment and Mamas Love, which is dedicated to the memory of Raye's mother who passed away recently just after celebrating her 100th birthday.


1.) Enchanted Forest -8:19 Play
4.) Natures Enchantment -9:09 Play
7.) Breath of Peace -9:29 Play