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  1. Peruvian Amazon Gourd Rattle - Parrots with Fiber Tuft

    A pretty pair of Peruvian parrots are hand etched into the gourd ball of our ceremonial rattle with a durable chonta handle. Trimmed with colorful cotton thread windings and tufted colored fibers, this rattle is at once a piece of art and unique sounding rhythm keeper. Handcrafted in Peru. Your rattle may vary slightly from photo. Price is per piece.
  2. Peruvian Amazon Gourd Rattle - Tiny

    Cute as can be, this tiny rattle is perfect for travel with a smaller, yet strong sound.  Made in Peru by the Shipibo of natural gourd and chonta wood, the bowl is hand etched with the totems and symbols of their jungle cosmology.  Trimmed with colorful thread windings above and below the bowl, the top is trimmed with the delicate and colorful molted feathers of Amazon avians.  Choose from among the following designs, which appear on both sides of the bowl:  Bird, Condor, Flower, Hummingbird, Moon or Sun.  Shake, rattle and roll.  Approximately 7.5 inches long and 1.5 inches bowl width.  

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2 Item(s)