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Music Makers

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  1. Chakapa- Shakapa

    A hand held bunch of palm fronds tied together and used in the Amazon as both a rhythm and healing instrument. In a healing, the chacapa is rubbed and rattled over or near the patient’s body to capture or brush out the spirit intrusion. Once he has it in his chacapa, the shaman then blows through the leaves to disperse the intrusion into the rainforest where the spirits of the plants absorb and discharge its energy. Our chapacas ship directly from Peru standard mail and take 3-4 weeks. 


  2. Peruvian Natural Gourd Huiro/Rainstick Combo

    •  Dolphin
    •  Dragonfly
    •  Ladybug

    An authentic traditional Andean percussion instrument, our hand carved and etched natural gourd huiro (or sometimes guiro) is a hybrid between a huiro and a rainstick, and can also be shaken like a maraca. A great percussion instrument for keeping rhythm. With grooves cut into the side and a curved top to help grasp, this combination is ready to make music. Metal scraper included. Multi-colored ribbon strung into the gourd for carrying. Your choice of hand carved styles. Handcrafted in Peru.

  3. Tuning Fork - Mid Ohm Fork - 136.1 hz

    The Mid Ohm Tuning Fork is widely considered the quintessential Ohm (Om) frequency at 136.1 hz. Ohm an earth-tone with grounding, soothing and balancing qualities. Tune into the frequency of the earth and align with these natural rhythms to relax and rejuvenate! Sound Healing with Ohm Tuning Forks has many benefits: it can enhance breathing, relieve body tension, assist in meditation, and help facilitate yoga poses. The sound wave created by the Ohm Tuning Fork works like kinetic energy to move disharmony and tension form the body, while restoring a sense of well-being. This item being sold as a second due to a few tool marks on the side of one prong. It is still usable as a tuning fork at its frequency of 136.1 hertz. Not in packaging.

  4. Tuning Fork - Sonic Ohm Kit - 1088.8 hz

    The Sonic Ohm tuning fork has a pleasing crystalline clarity, and is the highest frequency in the Ohm Therapeutics™ system. This higher expression of Ohm is also an earth tone, with its balancing and grounding properties. Explore more advanced sound layering techniques by combining the Sonic with the smaller tuning fork (544.4 hz) from the High Ohm Octave Set to create the Sonic Ohm Octave.  Package includes Sonic Ohm Tuning Fork, Activator, and Instructional Booklet. The Sonic Ohm is an excellent sound tool to help balance the energetic fields or Chakras of the body, and for space clearing and work with Crystals.

Set Descending Direction


4 Item(s)