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  1. Zen Dragon Table Chime

    Our sand cast solid brass table chime with the familiar symbol of dragons floats over an attractive wooden base. Clear in sound and tone, the chime is inscribed in the center with a symbol of the stylized lotus flower, one of the Eight Auspicious symbols, commonly associated with the process of becoming a buddha. Comes on a base with its own wood striker. The hardwood used comes from managed yield plantations in India. Made by Tibetan metal craft artisans living in India.

  2. X8 Drums Kalimantan Djembe, Extra Small - 7 inch

    The X8 Drums Extra Small Kalimantan Djembe is a great choice for little players or as a gift for percussionists. Standing 12 tall with a 7 diameter drum head, it comes with a fitted tote bag to make carrying it to gigs easy as pie. Each drum is made from a solid piece of legally harvested environmentally sustainable mahogany hardwood. A Kalimantan bird carving on the base of the shell is topped off with a dark wood stained wood finish. The drum head is a premium selected goatskin with a traditional rope tuning system.

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  3. Tuning Fork - Sonic Ohm Kit - 1088.8 hz

    The Sonic Ohm tuning fork has a pleasing crystalline clarity, and is the highest frequency in the Ohm Therapeutics™ system. This higher expression of Ohm is also an earth tone, with its balancing and grounding properties. Explore more advanced sound layering techniques by combining the Sonic with the smaller tuning fork (544.4 hz) from the High Ohm Octave Set to create the Sonic Ohm Octave.  Package includes Sonic Ohm Tuning Fork, Activator, and Instructional Booklet. The Sonic Ohm is an excellent sound tool to help balance the energetic fields or Chakras of the body, and for space clearing and work with Crystals.

  4. Tuning Fork - Mid Ohm Fork - 136.1 hz

    The Mid Ohm Tuning Fork is widely considered the quintessential Ohm (Om) frequency at 136.1 hz. Ohm an earth-tone with grounding, soothing and balancing qualities. Tune into the frequency of the earth and align with these natural rhythms to relax and rejuvenate! Sound Healing with Ohm Tuning Forks has many benefits: it can enhance breathing, relieve body tension, assist in meditation, and help facilitate yoga poses. The sound wave created by the Ohm Tuning Fork works like kinetic energy to move disharmony and tension form the body, while restoring a sense of well-being. This item being sold as a second due to a few tool marks on the side of one prong. It is still usable as a tuning fork at its frequency of 136.1 hertz. Not in packaging.

  5. Singing Bowl Peace Buddha Gift Box - 4 inch

    A beautiful singing bowl gift box with an image of the Peace Buddha worked on the inner bottom. This lovely gift box comes complete with three-metal bowl, embroidered, tasseled square cushion, and wooden striker -- all in a beautiful handmade lokta paper box with a string and button closure. A perfect gift for family, friends & students. Bowl 4 inch diameter and 2.25 inches high.  Yellow square cushion 4 x 4 inches . Striker is 5 inches long.  Box size is 5 x 5 x 4 inches. Handmade in Nepal.

  6. Singing Bowl - 5 inch - Bronze Engraved Tibetan Symbols

    •  Om
    •  Double Dorje
    •  8 Ausp Symbol

    A beautiful, highly reflective, engraved bronze with 3 metal alloy Tibetan Singing Bowl. Made by special craftsmen, each bowl with hand engraving on the inside bottom and with decorative grooves encircling the outside of the bowl. Medium Mantra style. Approximately 5 inches in diameter by 2 inches high. Made in Nepal.

  7. Singing Bowl - 4.5 inch - Tibetan Bronze Engraved

    •  Buddha
    •  Chenrezig

    This sonorous engraved singing bowl is handcrafted of 100% Bronze, created using the original hand casting techniques so as to produce a beautiful, multiple harmonic sound. Buddhist Tibetan mantra is engraved around the outside and a Buddha deity figure is seated on the inside bottom. Outside bottom has engraving too. Comes with its own wooden mallet. Bowl measures 4.5 inches [11 cm] in diameter and 2 inches [4.5 cm] high. Hand made in Nepal.

  8. Remo 12 in. Buffalo Frame Hand Drum - Plain

    The Remo Buffalo drums are inspired by the frame drums of the Native American Cultures. They come with a rope handle and soft tipped beater. The standard style has a plain white head. Decorate your drum head with your own muse. All Remo Buffalo drums are manufactured with Remo's Fiberskyn 3 drumheads and patented ACOUSTICON drum shells. These drum shells produce the same tonal characteristic found on traditional wood shell drums with excellent projection and enhanced low-pitched fundamentals. You can play Remo's Buffalo drum in virtually any weather condition and they will keep their pitch sounding great.

  9. Rawhide Owl Rattle

    This rawhide rattle features a beautifully hand painted owl on one side and is plain rawhide on the reverse. The rattle bowl is filled with corn and the handle is wrapped with soft buckskin leather and decorative fur trim. Due to handmade nature the leather and fur color may vary. Made in the USA.

  10. Rawhide Hummingbird Rattle

    This rawhide rattle features a beautifully hand painted hummingbird on one side and plain rawhide on the other.  The rattle bowls are filled with corn and the handle is wrapped with soft buckskin leather and decorative fur trim. Made in the USA.  

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