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Drums & Accessories

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  1. Deep_Carve_African_Djembe,_Chocolate_-_10-11_in._Head

    Deep Carve African Djembe, Chocolate - 10-11 in. Head

    Mahogany Hardwood with a Teak Oil Finish-Full and Rough Chocolate textured design. The Deep Carve African Djembe features intricate carvings around the base with a beautiful antique brown finish. Master carvers have paid special attention to the detailing the bowl of the drum to provide a unique texture. Authentic goatskin heads are secured with low-stretch Alpine Nylon HTB 5mm rope runners. We recommend this drum for beginner to intermediate players. Learn More
  2. Duafe_African_Djembe,_19-20_in._Tall_x_10-11_in._Head

    Duafe African Djembe, 19-20 in. Tall x 10-11 in. Head

    The Duafe Djembe features a hand-carved African Adinkra symbol of beauty and desirable feminine qualities. Learn More

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