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Rawhide Hummingbird Rattle

SKU: mmr11-05

Product Dimensions: 12.25 H x 4 W inches

Availability: Out of stock

Quick Overview:

This rawhide rattle features a beautifully hand painted hummingbird on one side and plain rawhide on the other.  The rattle bowls are filled with corn and the handle is wrapped with soft buckskin leather and decorative fur trim. Made in the USA.  

Detailed Information:
  • Hand Made


Native American bird and animal symbols and totems are believed to represent the physical form of a spirit helper and guide. The meaning of the Hummingbird symbol was to signify peace, love and happiness. Hummingbirds are oftentimes depicted in their symbol as a mated pair as a symbol of devotion, permanence, eternity and life cycles. Hummingbirds were also admired as ferocious fighters and defenders of their territory. Native Americans believe it is good luck to see a Hummingbird before major events such as long hunting trips or travelling to other villages.  The Hummingbird is an important bird in the Southwestern Pueblo cultures. Hopi legend speaks of the Hummingbird as intervening on behalf of the people to convince the gods to bring rain. Hummingbird feathers are highly prized and used ceremonially and in dance costumes.

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