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Wind & Whistling Instruments

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  1. Huaco Silbador - Dual Chamber - Peruvian Whistling Vessel

    Shamans Market is pleased to be able to offer this lovingly and skillfully hand-made huaco silbador created by Ana La Rosa, sister of well-known Peruvian musician Tito La Rosa, the Shaman of Sound. Hand made from the earthy clay of Peru, this dual-chambered Peruvian whistling vessel of red clay is fired creating a delicate and delightful ceramic vessel. This piece is an original modern design with beautiful colored designs on the front chamber pipe and around both pipes where they meet the chambers. This dual chambered Peruvian whistling vessel is an original modern design.  Handmade in Peru.

  2. Singing Jaguar Clay Whistle on Cord

    Cool cat-like whistles look like sacred jaguars. Sold separately in black and tan. Hand made in Peru.

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  3. Singing Owl Clay Whistle on Cord

    You know how to whistle, don't you? You just put your lips together and blow, as someone famous once said. Our terrific1.5 inch tall owl does double duty as a whistle and a necklace hanging from a 26 inch black nylon cord. Contrasting color single bead ornamentation. Make your choice from colors listed below. Hand made in Peru.

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3 Item(s)