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Native Bliss

Native Bliss - Leslie Karen Hammond

Leslie is a Native American. She is a member of the Taos Pueblo, and has been inducted as a Shaman in the ancient Andean Traditions by the Peruvian Q’echua Natives.

Leslie is also an International Inspirational Speaker, has served as an Area Governor for Toastmasters International, is a member of the National Speakers Association, and a Trustee and Board Member for the nonprofit, The TSETSE Gallery, in New London, CT and a Board Member for the Southeastern CT Women’s Network.

She is the consummate networker, an eternal optimist and her mission is to make a difference. Leslie is passionate about everything she does, she inspires others to become leaders in their own right and empowers people to find their purpose. In her opinion there is no greater calling, than to be of service.

As a dynamic award-winning speaker and the principal of her own firm, Leslie Karen Hammond Company, Leslie helps people break through their old patterns of thinking and step into their dreams. Leslie constantly strives to help people bring out the best in themselves while using her experience to inspire a new way of thinking. She brings infectious enthusiasm, professionalism and passion into everything she does.

For recreation and fun, Leslie enjoys in skydiving, fire eating, scuba diving, hot coal walking, horseback riding, traversing the jungles of Peru, hiking in the mountains of Peru, New Mexico and New Hampshire, participating in Habitat For Humanity’s Home Builder Blitz, organic gardening, vegetarian cooking, yoga and commissioned stained glass work. The lessons acquired through Leslie’s adventures and experience are creatively woven into her inspirational presentations on “Stepping Out of Your Comfort Zone,” “Embracing Change, Taking Your Vision To the Next Level,” “The Power of Your Beliefs,” “The Wisdom of Surrender.”

Leslie is the author of Tap Your Source. A guide to empower people to step beyond old patterns, old beliefs, and into their dreams. Tap Your Source is a guide to managing your way through those major “Transitions” in life where everything changes. The occasion may be losing your job, separating from a partner, death of a loved one …whatever the trigger; it is time to reassess your life, what you are doing, and what you want. This book is a guide to help you get to the core of what you are all about. It has exercises to help you get to your source deep inside where your true self dwells. You are invited to consider the following: * How big a dream can I manifest? * Have I learned to harness the power of a positive strong belief? * How can I embrace my gifts? * Do I hold myself accountable for my dreams? What does it mean to harness the power of my intent? * Do I think of surrender as a negative term? * Am I “walking my talk”? This is not just a book; it is a complete course, complete with exercises, in managing your way through a major life transition. Leslie invites you to tap into your true potential.

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