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Novica: Esperanza Association

Esperanza ("Hope") Association is made up of a group of women who knit. We decided to get together because we realized that we could use our knitting skills to our advantage, and learn from each other.

"We also got together because we wanted to promote our community and develop in other more personal areas. We chose the name Esperanza Association because we all share the hope of becoming better each day, in every aspect of our lives.

"We are a group of 14 women, and we welcome anyone who wants to join us. We named Rosa Maria Isabel Rosemberg de Huerta our president, because she is the one that got us all together. She told us, 'If we all know how to knit, why not improve on our work, and send it to other countries?'

"As we were getting organized, a Peace Corps Volunteer arrived in our beloved community. She was filled with enthusiasm and a desire to work. She listened to our ideas and understood what we were hoping to achieve, so she guided us when we started the Association.

"Thanks to her and other volunteers, we feel like we can continue the work we are doing together. We would like to give our thanks to Novica for inviting us to join in this wonderful on-line community of world artisans. Every piece you acquire will contribute to the well being of women and their families."

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