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Novica:Isidoro Ccahuantico

"I became enamored with the textile arts at first sight... My curiosity led me into the world of textiles, looms and weaves."

Isidoro C'cahuantico Mendoza was born on April 4, 1954, in a village near Cuzco. During the 1970s, he was forced to migrate when terrorist activities swept his region. Accepting various jobs, he soon found himself working as...Read more

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  1. Alpaca Wool Shawl, 'Espresso'

    Woven by hand, this cozy shawl is crafted in rich espresso brown. Isidoro C'cahuantico works in a blend of alpaca wool, renowned for its lightweight warmth. He finishes the wrap with fringe. Made in Peru.

  2. Peruvian Andean Woven Poncho

    From a private collection, this poncho is unusual in that the neck hole is not centered on the garment; thus the back falls longer than the front or vice versa. Overall measurements of the piece are 43 in L x 44 inches W. However when worn the shorter side falls approximately 13.5 inches from the shoulder and the longer side falls approximately 29.5 inches from the shoulder.

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2 Item(s)