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Novica:Ketut Kariasa

Ketut Kariasa is a sculptor who specializes in traditional Balinese artistry. "The reason I wanted to be a sculptor is because I was born in an environment where most people become sculptors. So most people encouraged me to be a sculptor because, in a sense, I inherited the art.

"I began learning from the age of 14 when I was in junior high school. It was my friend who offered to teach me. At first, I found it very difficult. But because of my strong desire, I was finally able to create a work of art.

"Actually my original goal was to become a teacher but, because of my family's economic situation at that time, it wasn't such a good choice.

"My first income from crafting a statuette was not much, but for me it was very worth it because it came from my own hard work. I'll always remember becoming a sculptor. I feel that I'm conserving my culture and the heritage of my homeland."

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