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Novica:Norma V. Vitteri

"When I was a little girl I greatly admired my grandmother, for she used to craft handbags as a hobby. She would either sew them by hand or with a sewing machine, and she would give them out as presents to family and friends. Nowadays, I am the grandmother and my granddaughter watches me at work, always offering her new ideas.

""I was born on January 7, 1951, and I got married soon after finishing school so I didn't go to college. However, I've always taken different courses on art, textiles and weaves, here in Peru as well as in Buenos Aires and Florida.

""I began designing and making clothes at a young age, in fact when I was only 12 years old, I made a dress for myself. I wore it every single weekend, until my mother got fed up and made it disappear. She thought it had become like my weekend uniform.

""I used to love making dresses for my dolls, and when I was a teenager I always stylized my dresses and accessories. I would also give my friends suggestions on what to wear. However, it wasn't until later, when I was married and had children, that I realized my life has always spun around decorating, creating, and designing.

""I have two wonderful children, Virna and Gonzalo, who have given me four beautiful grandchildren. We are a very close knit family and in 2005, thanks to their support, I formalized my career as a designer.

""My collections are inspired by Peruvian textiles, which include weaves, costumes and embroideries. Sometimes Xiomi, my little granddaughter, offers me her own designs, which she sketches out on paper – I love her.

""I've longed wanted to be associated with Novica, because it is a unique enterprise, strict about quality and responsible. I'm happy to join them so together we can show the world my designs. That means one of my dreams has come true, now I'm going after the next one…"

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