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Novica:Carmela Sierra

Carmela Sierra

"I was born and raised in the unique city of Cuzco, and I come from a family of artists that includes my grandfather, Fabian Palomino Mujica a religious artist of paintings and sculptures. My mother, Maximiliana Palomino de Sierra is a professor of Peruvian handcrafts, and my father, Enrique Sierra Carrasco. You could say my artistic formation began at a very young age and my parents are my greatest source of inspiration.

"I studied Fine Arts at San Abad University in Cuzco, and my passion for fashion and confection pushed me into teaching myself more about both realms. I have also specialized in traditional weaving techniques, both on pedal and backstrap looms, and eventually I set up my own workshop.

"I have experience in handcrafting ceramics, and I also designed a lined of products where I fused imagination with elements from the Cuzco School of Religious Art. But I feel a stronger connection with fashion design and now I am solely dedicated to this.

"I describe my art as innovative and of high quality, which is inspired by Peru and its culture. With every design I create I aim to transmit my passion for art, which has been strong in me ever since I was a child. My work reflects my personal and artistic sensibilities.

"The greatest challenges I've had to face have been motherhood and work. As a mother, I try hard to be someone my children can look up to and know they're loved. As a designer, I endeavor to be a trendsetter through my collections.

"I would like to ensure Novica customers that everything I make is the result of my knowledge and expertise, as well as the love and pride that I feel for my country's artistic legacy. I feel like I inherited ancestral techniques for weaving and dying, as well as our historical iconography, which I've tried to update to create fashion trends I hope you'll like."

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