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Eileen Ohare

HOW THE ANDEAN HEALING ENERGY CARDS MANIFESTED Eileen O'Hare is a legacy carrier in the Peruvian tradition. She is a practitioner and teacher of the shamanic healing arts. Eileen received the vision for a divination deck for Peruvian Shamanism from the ancestors a number of years ago. In the spring of 2009, the stars aligned. The inspired shamanic artist, Joy Gilinsky and the soulful printer, Seymour Hall appeared in her life. They formed a powerful creative triangle. Eileen invited the lineage to funnel their sweet wisdom through her words. Joy journeyed for the images and then painted them from her heart of hearts. Seymour shepherded the creative work, putting the cards, the book and the triptych together. He also created the website. After eight months of intense creative, prayer and ceremonial work the cards were offered for the first time in Dec. 2009. It is a labor of love the creators humbly offer in honor of this most potent, sweet and deeply loving tradition. May these cards help everyone who touches them become better stewards of the personal as well as the planetary mind, heart, body and soul in these times of prophecy. May they inspire the deepening of our connection to and reverence for all life on Pachamama. We honor our teachers. We honor the ancestors. Aho. Amen. Heyaya.

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