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Om Mani Calligraphy Notecards - Set of 6

SKU: nc412143

Product Dimensions: 5 in. w x 7 in h

Availability: In stock

Quick Overview:

Printed with the sacred symbol for Om, the Tibetan sacred mantra, Om Mani Padme Hum. The word 'mantra' is derived from two Sanskrit words. The 'man' syllable comes from 'manas' or mind. The 'tra' syllable comes from the Sanskrit word 'trai' meaning to protect or to free from. Therefore, in its most literal sense it means 'to free from the mind.' As a chanted word or phrase, a mantra is a tool that's used to free the mind from mundane and distracting thoughts.

Detailed Information:
  • Hand Made


Each card and self-adhesive envelope is protectively packaged in an individual sleeve. The upper left corner of the sleeve has an attractive green and white sticker mentioning that the item is made of ''Tree Free Eco Paper''. All of our paper gifts are made with Nepalese lokta. The lokta shrub regenerates after every cutting, thus providing a sustainable and important source of income for rural people while preserving Nepal?s fragile mountain ecology. Set of 6.

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