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  1. Hiwaya Stone Condor - 2nd

    Our hand carved condor is created from a stone called hiwaya in the Quechua language. This type of stone is similar to hematite. The artistry of the piece shows the condor with wings uplifted in all its splendor and ready to soar.  Hand carved in Peru.

    This item is being sold as a 2nd because the wing was broken and reattached. 50% discount.

    Regular Price: $250.00


    You Save: $155.00 (62%)

  2. Peruvian Silver, Stone and Crystal Pendant - Four Sacred Totems

    Magnificantly hand-crafted pendant with intricate sterling silver details encasing polished semi-precious Peruvian turquoise and rose crystal quartz. This pendant features all four creatures of Incan cosmology: the siwar qenti, hummingbird in the north; Sachamama, serpent of the south; the jaguar Otorongo of the west, and the condor-eagle, Apuchin, of the east. Silver spiral swirls with draping strands of silver surround the central stone. Handcrafted in Cusco, Peru.

    NOTE: BEING SOLD AS A SECOND due to flaking on the backside of the crystal.  See image of back.

    Regular Price: $109.00


    You Save: $29.00 (27%)

  3. Shell Peruvian

    Pulled from the shores in and around Peru and still encrusted with remains of barnacles, a shell like this can be seen on many a Peruvian curandero's or mesa carrier'smesa and are often used in ceremonial purposes. The shell is often affiliated with the west, with Mamakilla, the moon, or water. The shell is sometimes seen in the center of a mesa too. Sometimes they are filled with sand and are used for burning incense. However you use your shell, use it with love and respect for all creation. This shell being sold as a second because it has a broken edge. Peru.

    Regular Price: $27.00


    You Save: $13.00 (48%)

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3 Item(s)