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  1. Peruvian Woven Throw Blue - 2nd

    Colorful and lightweight woven cotton & acrylic throw featuring various different motifs such as suns, jugs, and chakanas. Finished edges. Made in Peru.  This product is being sold as a second because of pulling on some of the woven threads.  Still the product can be used for its original purpose.  Priced accordingly

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  2. Sandalwood Wrist Mala - Kit

    The aromatic wood of the sustainably harvested kadam tree is our choice for replacing our traditional offering of Sandalwood wrist malas. Kadam tree flowers provide an enticing fragrance. Commercially, they are used in the creation of attar, a scented oil for Indian perfumes, as well as all kinds of carpentry. The flowers are associated with the monsoon season when they are known to bloom. The monsoon thunder signals the buds to open, and the winds become laden with their perfume. Even the hollows of kadam tree trunks collect rain water flavoured with the kadam flower sweetness. Counting mantras with this fragrant rosary will scent the fingers. Comes in a beautiful cloth bag.

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2 Item(s)