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  1. Hiwaya Stone Condor - 2nd

    Our hand carved condor is created from a stone called hiwaya in the Quechua language. This type of stone is similar to hematite. The artistry of the piece shows the condor with wings uplifted in all its splendor and ready to soar.  Hand carved in Peru.

    This item is being sold as a 2nd because the wing was broken and reattached. 50% discount.

    Regular Price: $250.00


    You Save: $155.00 (62%)

  2. Peruvian Silver, Stone and Crystal Pendant - Four Sacred Totems - 2nd

    Magnificantly hand-crafted pendant with intricate sterling silver details encasing polished semi-precious Peruvian turquoise and rose crystal quartz. This pendant features all four creatures of Incan cosmology: the siwar qenti, hummingbird in the north; Sachamama, serpent of the south; the jaguar Otorongo of the west, and the condor-eagle, Apuchin, of the east. Silver spiral swirls with draping strands of silver surround the central stone. Handcrafted in Cusco, Peru.

    NOTE: BEING SOLD AS A SECOND due to flaking on the backside of the crystal.  See image of back.

    Regular Price: $109.00


    You Save: $29.00 (27%)

  3. Shipibo Amazon Beaded Protection Necklace

    Our colorfully hand-beaded necklace, a visually stunning and fascinating focal piece, is fashioned by the Shipibo, first peoples living in the Amazon jungles in Peru. Woven from tiny glass seed beads, the design on this necklace invokes protection against negative energy when worn during ayahuasca ceremonies. Approx. 8 inch drop from closure to center piece. Loop and bead closure.  This one is 25% off due to repair made to rifht side of necklace. Handmade in Peru.

    Regular Price: $59.00


    You Save: $15.00 (25%)

  4. Tibetan Treasure Box - Cheppu-Flower- 2nd

    Our exquisite hand-painted decorative wooden Treasure Box is crafted by a small group of Tibetan artists. Painted with the image of Cheppu on the front of the box and other sacred images on the top and sides. This box can be used for storing jewelry and smaller accessories or supplies. If you are looking for a special gift or a beautiful place for your treasures, this is perfect for you. Measures approx 16 inches wide by 8 inches high by 8 inches deep. Decorative brass-tone metal hasp can be used with your own tiny padlock for secure storage. Lotus Flower on lid. Made in Nepal. This item being sold as a second due to a marred surface in one pedal of the flower on the lid which was sustained in shipping and a crack in the paint at one corner of the box.

    Regular Price: $149.00


    You Save: $59.00 (40%)

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4 Item(s)