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  1. Mirror of Heaven, Embodiment of Earth DVD - Oscar Miro-Quesada

    This beautifully crafted DVD tutorial provides the viewer with a step-by-step apprenticeship of the Pachakuti Mesa tradition of cross-cultural shamanism. Stunning images of sacred mountain landscapes, avant-garde urban environments, evocative earth-honoring ceremonies, and concise teachings on the contemporary relevance of this ancestral healing practice are all gracefully woven together to illumine an inspiring spiritual destiny for humankind.

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  2. Shell Peruvian

    Pulled from the shores in and around Peru and still encrusted with remains of barnacles, a shell like this can be seen on many a Peruvian curandero's or mesa carrier'smesa and are often used in ceremonial purposes. The shell is often affiliated with the west, with Mamakilla, the moon, or water. The shell is sometimes seen in the center of a mesa too. Sometimes they are filled with sand and are used for burning incense. However you use your shell, use it with love and respect for all creation. This shell being sold as a second because it has a broken edge. Peru.

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