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Transforming through 2012

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Quick Overview:

What is the Truth about 2012 Shift? How will 2012 change your life? Will civilization be severely altered or destroyed? Or will humanity take an evolutionary leap? 

This book features core messages from 33 prominent authorities, from a wide variety of backgrounds: Scientists, Researchers,Futurists, Mystics, Astrologers, Artists, Luminaries and Indigenous elders and healers from the Maya, Aztec, Hopi, Inka and Hawaiian traditions. They share timley information and valuable resources about the 2012 shift that can be source of clearing confusion, cultivating wisdon, and empowering you to embrace the new opportunities in reaching your highest potential, while co-creating our positive future.


FEATURED AUTHORS: George Noory, Jean Houston, Daniel Pinchbeck, Bruce Lipton, Peter Russell, Paul & Lillie Weisbart, Barbara Marx Hubbard, Nassim Haramein, John Peterson, Carl Johan Calleman, Sri Ram Kaa and Kira Raa, Bob Frissell, Gabriel Cousens, Marilyn Schlitz, Steve Bhearman, Christine Page, Paco Alarcon–Kahan and Indigenous elders and healers from the Hopi, Mayan, Inka, Aztec and Hawaiian Traditions and many others (See Featured Authors section)

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