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Opal SoapRocklet


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Opal SoapRocklet

Quick Overview

Opal leaves more room for love. Soaprocks Opal's haunting colors ignite your romantic longing for a lingering midnight bath with a candle lit nearby.

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  • 3" L x 2" H x 2" W
  • 4 Oz

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Metaphysical Properties: This lovely greenish-blue Opal is great for stimulating thoughts and communication skills. Use on the fifth chakra to voice your opinions in a clear fashion. It is about freedom of speech! Some like to use this opal to connect with others. I feel it to be a very creative stone, especially for writers and those who need to get their thoughts down on paper. Some say this stone balances metabolism and helps those with fatigue.

Numerology: Vibrates to the number 5. Freedom and travel.

Chakra: Sacral(2nd), Throat(5th)