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Perfume Quiromantico - Levantador


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Perfume Quiromantico - Levantador

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This Perfume is an extract of the roots of live and esoteric plants such as Hiebras Doncella, Savila, Rosemary, Ash Tree, Hazelnut and Pine. It also contains the spirit of the great teachers of the Peruvian Forest. When your fortitude is low and you think that your life disappears in the suspense, then it is time to use this Esoteric Perfume, which has the roots of these diverse plants, that have the virtue of giving you OPTIMISM.

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HEALTH AND GOOD FORTUNE, is the essential property of the root of Savila which also contains the living essence of optimism. The root of Rosemary and Hazelnut, give you the virtue of romanticism, amicableness, expressiveness, communicativeness and curiousness which combined allows one to obtain HAPPINESS. This perfume also has the living root of Hiebras Doncella, which brings you happiness in maximum splendor for the Love that you radiate across its exquisite aroma. It also has the root of Fresno and of Pine that gives you creativity and imagination and the safety to obtain money, giving one success in business.

In a word it gives you three elements of happiness in one perfume: Health, to embrace Life; Money, which is the key to open doors; and Love, which allows you to enjoy the pleasures of the life.

Prayer of Perfume Levantador

Spirit of the roots of the living plants of this world, bind that spirit to the essence of this Perfume Levantador. Obtain all the virtues of the roots of these plants, obtaining health, because I am strong, money, because my will is solid and persistent and I will obtain all the money that I desire. Love, because it mixes my will with the aroma of this Perfume Levantador. So be it, and it will be.

Repeat this prayer three times a week, evening and night to fulfill the assignment that you hope to achieve.