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Peruvian Ceremonial Hat

Peruvian Ceremonial Hat


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Peruvian Ceremonial Hat

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From the home of a private collector, this fascinating example of a ceremonial headress, referred to as amatherentsi, is worn by Asháninka (or Asháninca) men for festive celebrations that include dancing.  It is made of the straw of the coca palm, the reeds being held held together by threads.  The reeds are interwoven with colorful threads to create further designs on the band of the hat.  Beautifully decorated bird feathers dance around the top edge.  Handmade by the Ashaninka.  

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Traditionally, Asháninka women wear their hair long, and over the shoulder, while typically men wear their hair short or in bowl cuts below the ear. Around their necks they wear a large variety of necklaces and bracelets made with seeds, the teeth of tapir, peccary and monkeys, and brightly colored feathers. Traditionally the Asháninka men, women and children paint their faces in a variety of designs using the bright red crushed seeds of Achiote (Bixa orellana) or annatto fruits. For ceremonial purposes, the men also wear woven circles of palm leaves decorated with feathers on their heads, and the women wear a woven cotton head dress.