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Peruvian Silver and Stone Sacred Inti Pendant

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Product Dimensions: 1.5 in. dia

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Quick Overview:

This silvery sunny face pendant is set with eyes and mouth of turquoise and rays with insets of spondylus and mother of pearl, looks beautiful worn on a black ground such as a wool coat or fuzzy charcoal colored sweater. Hand crafted in Peru.
Detailed Information:
  • Fair Trade
  • Hand Made


The spondylus, a sea creature with a shell, was associated with femininity in some South American cultures. This is because of its shape like the female vulva, and therefore it was considered a powerful fertility symbol which needed to be present in religious ceremonies. In Peru the Pre-Incan Mochica culture made ceramic objects representing the shell. In Ecuador, the sophisticated pre-Incan Valdivia culture, (3000 BC) which boasts the oldest ceramics in the Americas, made wonderfully elaborate necklaces, nose rings, and other objects out of spondylus. Many archeologists believe the Valdivia culture was a matriarchic society, so it would make sense that feminine symbols would be considered so powerful. Only members of the elite and high priest could wear spondylus objects. The Incas also shared this obsession for the spondylus, and some historians even think this is what led them to conquer what is present day Ecuador.


  • 950 Sterling Silver

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